Indian Bullfrog

The Indian Bullfrog is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Indian Bullfrogs: in imminent danger Category: Pets and Animals SAVE THE FROGS! Indian Bullfrog - Hoplobatrachus tigerinus Hunting,capturing and killing of any frog species is banned in the state of Goa under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. More

The Indian Bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus) is a large species of frog found in South and Southeast Asia. More

Indian Bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus) is a very large semiaquatic frog, measuring up to 170 mm. Dorsally greenish or brown with dark spots and often a light vertebral line. Ventrally whitish. Males become yellow in the breeding season. Skin with longitudinal rows of tubercles. More

3,000 Indian bullfrogs seized in Assam = Posted : Thu, 06 Sep 2007 12:57:09 GMT By : Syed Zarir Hussain Category : Nature (Environment) News Alerts by Email ( click here ) More

Indian Bullfrog and the Jerdon’s Bullfrog, are now listed on the Schedule-I List of threatened species recognized by the Government of India, as well the IUCN Red List recognized internationally. More

3,000 Indian bullfrogs seized in Assam - * Email * Print * Download PDF * Comments (0) By Syed Zarir Hussain. More

eaten, the Indian Bullfrog and the Jerdon Bullfrog are �threatened with extinction� and argues that if there are no frogs then it would lead to a rise in vector-borne diseases as there would be no frogs to eat these insects. More

The Indian Bullfrog is solitary and is is usually nocturnal. When they are frightened they jump over the surface of the water in much the same way as they would over land. More

Hoplobatrachus tigerinus Indian Bullfrog Web links for Hoplobatrachus tigerinus : = Amphibian Species of the World - Hoplobatrachus tigerinus (Daudin ... More

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Order : Anura
Family : Dicroglossidae
Genus : Hoplobatrachus
Species : tigerinus
Authority : (Daudin, 1803)