Fiji Ground Frog

The Fiji Ground Frog is classified as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Fiji Ground Frog or Fijian Ground Frog (Platymantis vitianus) is a species of frog in the Ranidae family. It is endemic to Fiji. The Fiji ground frog is found on four larger islands (Taveuni, Vanua Levu, Ovalau, and Gau) and a small island, Viwa, (0. More

New population of endangered Fiji ground frog rediscovered on Viti Levu = 09/12/2008 08:37:26news/sept_2008/fiji_ground_frog Fiji ground frog. Credit Nature Fiji. More

DividerDescriptionThe Fiji ground frog, is as the name describes, a ground dwelling frog. The body size (SVL) of a Fiji ground frog ranges from 8mm as a hatchling to 107mm in adult females. More

Fiji’s endangered and endemic Fiji Ground Frog (Platymantis vitianus) has been rediscovered in an expedition into the Nakauvadra Range by local scientists. The Fiji ground frog (locally known as Dreli, Boto ni Viti, or Ula) is one of Fiji’s three endemic frogs. More

Fiji ground frog (Platymantis vitiana) = Species information - * Facts & Status * Description * Find out more More

AN endangered and endemic Fiji ground frog was rediscovered in an expedition into the Nakauvadra Range by local scientists from the University of the South Pacific. More

being the closely related Fiji Ground Frog (Platymantis vitianus). It is the only true frog to undergo direct development in the egg, without a larval stage. More

Although extirpations of the endemic Fiji Ground Frog (FGF) have been attributed to the introduced small Indian mongoose (Herpestes javanicus eradication project, therefore the results of this study will provide valuable baseline information on areas to target for cane toad removal and ) the cane toad (CT) has More

Fiji Ground Frog (Platymantis vitiana) 1149 83 c Fiji Ground Frog (Platymantis vitiana) 1150 1,15 $ Fiji Ground Frog (Platymantis vitiana) 1151 More

54New Population of Endangered Fiji Ground Frog Rediscovered on Viti Levu New Population of Endangered Fiji Ground Frog Rediscovered on Viti Levu = Animals (tags: animals, goodnews, wildanimals ) More

Inter-island genetic variation in the Fiji ground frog (Platymantis vitianus) By Tamara Osborne Collaborators: Craig Morley Patricia McLenachan Peter Lockhart Introduction The Fiji ground frog (Platymantis vitianus) and its congener (Platymantis More

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Fiji ground frog, Platymantis vitiana (vitianus) on beach at Viwa Island. This frog jumped into the sea and hid under a rock. Platymantis sp. More

relatives the Fiji ground frog Platymantis vitianus which can reach maximum sizes of 10cm, although this is very rare. It is known from three cave deposits, from which one could be from the holocene. More

The Fiji Ground Frog or Fijian Ground Frog is endemic to Fiji, found throughout the forested parts of the Fiji archipelago. The Fiji ground is a nocturnal ground dweller, however, individuals have been encountered on low branches and leaves of riparian forest vegetation. More

Endemic species include the Fiji Ground Frog (Platymantis vitianus) and the Fiji Tree Frog (Platymantis vitiensis) (Ryan 2000). One terrestrial snake, Ogmodon vitiensis, is an elapid with ancient origins. More

Order : Anura
Family : Ceratobatrachidae
Genus : Platymantis
Species : vitianus
Authority : (Duméril, 1853)