The Sirens is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

When the Sirens were given a parentage they were considered the daughters of the river god Achelous, fathered upon Terpsichore, Melpomene, Sterope, or Chthon (the Earth; in Euripides' Helen 167, Helen in her anguish calls upon "Winged maidens, daughters of the Earth"). More

legend the Sirens drowned themselves from vexation at his escape. The body of one of them, Parthenopē, was washed ashore in the bay of Naples, which originally bore her name. More

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In early Greek mythology, sirens were actually prophets and described as having bodies of a bird and beautiful human heads. Some ancient myths say the sirens are the daughters of the river Achelous and the Muse of dancing, Terpsichore the "Whirler. More

Sirens is a 1994 film, written and directed by John Duigan, and set in Australia between the two World Wars. Sirens, along with Four Weddings and a Funeral and Bitter Moon — all released in the U.S. More

The Sirens of today, including the mermaid that calls to us from almost every urban corner,claim a long and rich ancestry, that dates back to a multitude of fish-tailed gods and goddesses of some of man's earliest civilizations. More

In Greek mythology, the Sirens are creatures with the head of a female and the body of a bird. More

Sirens has a full menu of delectable offerings and with 11 micro brews on tap, and a extensive bar you’re sure to find just what you want. In the summer the deck is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. More

All-girl British hip-pop band Sirens formed in Newcastle in the late '90s and featured the vocal talents of Karina Brians, Kat Haslam, and Michelle Heaton, who left the group to be replaced by Lea Cummings. More

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While the Sirens were used frequently by the most famous of the classical authors (Homer's The Odyssey and Jason and the Argonauts), they appear rarely in contemporary fiction. More

In Greek mythology, the Sirens or Seirenes (Greek Σειρῆνας) were Naiads (sea nymphs) who lived on an island called Sirenum scopuli which was surrounded by cliffs and rocks. Approaching sailors were drawn to them by their enchanting singing, causing them to sail on the cliffs and drown. More

The Sirens or Mermaids were odd looking creatures who had features of a bird from the waist down and a body of a woman from the waist up. The Sirens were thought to be three in number, but that is not certain. More

the Sirens, had the sailors stuff their ears with wax. He had himself tied to the mast for he wanted to hear their beautiful voices. The Sirens sang when they approached, their words even more enticing than the melody. More

The sirens attempting to seduce Odysseus and his men. Source: Women in Classical Mythology at Princeton Return to link for picture Definitions of a siren: 1. More

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The SIRENS, they say, had maidens' features, but from the thighs down they had the forms of birds. One of them played the lyre, another sang, and another played the flute. More

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The Sirens have a number of exciting performances coming up this semester all over campus and throughout Los Angeles county. More

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SIRENS dedicated their lives and their passion for TRUE FUCKIN' METAL! With the very first CD release of the band from 1996, the 3-track E.P. More

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Historically, electro-mechanical sirens have proven to be the most capable of accomplishing these requirements. Unfortunately, most competitive sirens are very large, very heavy, and require huge amounts of electrical power to produce the sound necessary to clear the way. More

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Order : Anura
Family : Centrolenidae
Genus : Nymphargus
Species : siren
Authority : (Lynch and Duellman, 1973)