Green Toad

The Green Toad is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The European green toad (Bufo viridis or Pseudepidalea virdis) is a toad found in mainland Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. They live in many areas, including steppes, mountainous areas, semi-deserts, and urban areas. More

Green Toad can refer to multiple species of toad: * Bufo coniferus Evergreen Toad * Bufo debilis, North American Green Toad * Bufo melanochlorus, Dark Green Toad * Bufo More

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The Green Toad is most often active at twilight but frequently will forage during the day following heavy rains. When threatened, it flattens itself against the ground. More

Green toads have tiny bumps on their skin to produce a slime called muscus. Muscus help to keep them moist. Larger warts can be found all over the body. These warts have poison in them to protect the toad from enemies. More

View the distribution of observed Green Toad (Bufo debilis) on a map Habitat: Plains grassland, including canyon bottoms. Life History: Spends most of life underground. Emerges to breed in temporary ponds and pools along intermittent streams after heavy rains in late spring or summer. More

green toad group too: Speybroek & Crochet (2007) argued that Graybeal's sequence data for the Natterjack appeared to contain errors, and they pointed to the data present by Stöck et al. (2006), some of which might support a Natterjack + green toad group (see also Sos 2008). More

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The green toad occurs in Europe east of the Rhine River, including the southern tip of Sweden; the Balearic Islands, Corsica, and Sardinia; western Asia, including Iran, Mongolia, and China; southwestern Asia and the Arabian Peninsula; and northern Africa, from Morocco to Libya. More

Male green toads call at night from a shallow pool. More

Western Green Toads calling at night from a shallow rain pool in Cochise County, Arizona in August. This is a 4 second recording of the call of one toad (with another in the distant background. More

Green Toad - Anaxyrus debilis (Girard, 1854) Green Toad - Anaxyrus debilis Adult Green Toad from Logan County, Kansas. Photograph by Suzanne L. Collins, The Center for North American Herpetology. More

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The Sonoran green toad is small, reaching only 2 More

European green toad (This guy is a lot bigger than me. Better not get in his way when he's hungry. More

summer, the green toad quickly utilizes it for breeding. To compensate for sporadic rains, the green toad is an opportunistic breeder and sometimes breeds in stock tanks. More

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Green toad, Bufo viridis Laurenti, 1758 History and origin The Green toad was first described by Laurenti in 1768, the scientific name of this species is Bufo viridis, formally Bufo viridis. More

Green Toad, Bufo debilis - Western Green Toad The Green Toads are small toads only reaching lengths of about 2 inches. More

SONORAN GREEN TOAD Anaxyrus retiformis DESCRIPTION: Adult Sonoran green toads reach a length of 1.5-1.9 inches in males, and 1.8-2.3 inches in females. More

European Green Toads are one of the most variable and colorific of commonly available toads. They range from a dull brownish green to a creamy intermittently speckled green, red and/or black, and virtually everything in between. More

The European green toad lives not only in Europe, but also in Asia and North Africa. Here at the Zoo - The Children's Zoo is home to our European green toads. More

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Green toads are typically a green or yellow in color with black spotting and a cream colored underside. They are not a large toad, growing to 2 inches in length. More

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Order : Anura
Family : Bufonidae
Genus : Pseudepidalea
Species : viridis
Authority : (Laurenti, 1768)