Mountain Toad

The Mountain Toad is classified as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

Mountain Toads, some close, some in the distance, calling at night in late May from the edges of a small lake surrounded by sagebrush and agricultural fields in Franklin County, Washington (shown below.) Insects and wind noise are heard in the background. More

The Asian mountain toad lives in Vietnam and southwestern China. HABITAT The species prefers montane forests and streams at elevations above 1,300 ft (400 m). BEHAVIOR This nocturnal frog is terrestrial to semi-arboreal. More

The Mountain Toad (Bufo cavifrons) is a species of toad in the Bufonidae family. It is endemic to Mexico. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and rivers. It is threatened by habitat loss. More

Biology The Tradouw mountain toad occurs at high altitudes in mountains within the Fynbos Biome (of the Cape Floral Kingdom ). More

The Mountain Toad (Bufo cavifrons) is a species of toad in the Bufonidae family. More

Rose's mountain toad Rose's mountain toad © Atherton de Villiers To include a portlet-style image link, please: Copy to clipboard icon Copy the code in the box below. Paste from clipboard icon Paste it into your page code. @import " More

* Mountain Toad Mountain Toad View all 12 Gallery Images Tracking History (331. More

The picture of a mountain toad eating a Jerdon’s pit viper was taken by a tourist at Qingcheng Mountain park in Sichuan, central China. Ran Longzhong, from Chongqing, told IC Media that he had been unable to believe his eyes and was happy he had witness this amazing Scene. More

YouTube - Holy Mountain Toad Invasion = // video added July 12, 2007 // 1 comment // KasiaC * KasiaC More

frog and the mountain toad (Ophryophryne), in which they are either horizontal or diamond-shaped. More

This is a discussion on Woodhouse's or Rocky Mountain Toad within the Toads forums, part of the Frogs & Toads category; Many of you are aware that I'm a big fan of Bufonid toads. On my many trips around the south ... More

Order : Anura
Family : Bufonidae
Genus : Incilius
Species : cavifrons
Authority : (Firschein, 1950)