Woodhouse's Toad

The Woodhouse's Toad is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Adult Woodhouse's Toads, notice the belly is unspotted and often there is a dark spot in the throat area. More

The Woodhouse's Toad, (Bufo woodhousii) is a medium-sized (4 inches / 10 centimetres) true toad, which is native to the United States and Mexico. There are two recognized subspecies. The epithet woodhousii is in honor of the American physician and naturalist Samuel Washington Woodhouse. More

Male Woodhouse's Toad, right, calling to female in waterMale Woodhouse's Toad, right, calling to female in water “My data goes back to the 1980s. More

Woodhouse's Toads are active at night but can be seen in the daytime. The young toads, which are small, may be easily seen in the daytime. Otherwise, the toads burrow into the soil beneath low mounds or hide in debris piles. More

Woodhouse's Toad, Great Basin Spadefoot, and other famed vocalists entrance and amaze you. In a time when frog and toad populations are in rapid decline, this recording reminds us of the remarkable diversity and beautiful music we are in danger of losing. More

DESCRIPTION: The Woodhouse's Toad can grow up to 5 inches in length. It can be identified by the white, middorsal stripe and the prominent cranial crests. A boss maybe present between the two crests. The partoid glands are elongated and divergent. More

Woodhouse's Toads breed in March-July. Males gather at the breeding site first, and chorus to attract females. Their call sounds like a hoarse scream, or like a sheep bleating. Females lay up to 25,000 eggs in strings, which are attached to vegetation in shallow water. More

Woodhouse's toads calling in Harrison County, IA species (Woodhouse's and Fowler's toads) hybridize with the American toad (Christiansen and Bailey, 1991). These specimens may share characteristics of both species. I have seen hybrids between B. americanus and B. More

COMMENTS: Woodhouse's toad is in decline in some urban areas. The east Texas toad has only been found in eastern Kaufman County. More

Woodhouse's Toad); and Fowler's Toad (a subspecies of Woodhouse's Toad) that is found through most of the United States. More

Woodhouse's toad is a widespread species that occurs as far away as Washington state and New Hampshire. Its call is a wheezy sound that has been compared to a snore or bawling calf. More

The Woodhouse's Toad is a fairly large toad attaining lengths greater than 4 inches. Above is a female and a calling male from Theodore Roosevelt N.P. in North Dakota. More

The Woodhouse's toad has a short blunted and rounded snout as well as large bulging eyes. Its body is covered with small gray or greenish brown warts, and dark spots of various shapes. A slender white line usally runs down the body. More

Order : Anura
Family : Bufonidae
Genus : Anaxyrus
Species : woodhousii
Authority : (Girard, 1854)