Sonoran Green Toad

The Sonoran Green Toad is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

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A male Sonoran Green Toad calls at night from dry ground about three feet above a flooded ditch. A male Sonoran Green Toad stops calling and leaps after a flying insect attracted to my video lights. More

Sonoran Green Toad calling at night from dry ground several feet above a flooded ditch in Pima County Arizona. More

SONORAN GREEN TOAD Anaxyrus retiformis DESCRIPTION: Adult Sonoran green toads reach a length of 1.5-1.9 inches in males, and 1.8-2.3 inches in females. More

Sonoran Green Toad Bufo retiformis = enlarge + Sonoran Green Toad More

The Sonoran Green Toad is indigenous to North America and is found from south-central Arizona to west-central Sonora, where it inhabits mesquite grasslands and creosote bush flats. It has adapted itself to live in the desert by spending most of its time underground. More

Sonoran Green Toad - Bufo Retiformis - Photo by "Gary N" From Gary's post on the forum......."Herps from August in Arizona 3 - Amphibians" Home - P.O.T.W. More

Sonoran Green Toad Sonoran Green Toad Arizona Game and Fis Sonoran Green Toad by the Arizona Game ... (more) Sonoran Green Toad by the Arizona Game and Fish Department (less) Show: Arizona Game and Fish Channel: blip. More

* Sonoran Green Toad Bufo retiformis All Names * Scientific names * Bufo retiformis * Spanish * More

Sonoran green toads (Bufo retiformis, this is a female) are some of the prettiest herps found in the Sonoran Desert. More

Why is the sonoran green toad in danger? Will a toad eat a dead toad? How do you get a toad? Post a question - any question - to the WikiAnswers community: More

Sonoran green toads in the United States extends from San Cristobal Wash and Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, east to San Xavier Mission and the Altar Valley, and north to Waterman Wash near Mobile, Arizona (Nickerson and Mays, 1968; Hulse, 1978; Stebbins, 1985; Rosen More

Sonoran Green Toad, Bufo retiformis The -Sonoran Green Toad is a member of the true toads, genus Bufo, and is truly the most striking member of the genus found in our state, this despite its also being one of the smallest. More

Sonoran Green Toad - Anaxyrus retiformis Anaxyrus retiformis from the Tohono O'Odham Nation Indian Reservation, Pima County, Arizona Photo by Jason Penney Sonoran Green Toad - Anaxyrus retiformis Breeding pair of Anaxyrus More

Order : Anura
Family : Bufonidae
Genus : Anaxyrus
Species : retiformis
Authority : (Sanders and Smith, 1951)