Western Leopard Toad

The Western Leopard Toad is classified as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Western Leopard Toad breeding season appears to have been split into two this year. We now sit in a quiet middle period with one half completed and one half yet to happen. More

The western leopard toad is a large and beautifully patterned toad, marked on the back with striking reddish-brown blotches on a bright yellow background. More

The western leopard toad can reach an impressive size of about 140 mm in body length. Like all toads, it has a rough skin and two large parotoid glands on either side of the head and neck region behind the eyes. More

The western leopard toad can be distinguished from its close relative, the eastern leopard toad (Amietophrynus pardalis), by its more brilliant colouration, larger markings and broader parotoid glands (4). More

The western leopard toad is the largest South African toad. It has large brown patches on a greenish body and a vertical yellow stripe down its back. Its numbers are in decline due to loss of habitat and because of frequent collisions with vehicles. More

The Western Leopard Toad (Amietophrynus pantherinus) is a species of toad in the Bufonidae family. It is endemic to South Africa. More

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* The Western Leopard Toad is the largest toad in South Africa, with females reaching a length of up to 140mm. More

numbers of the endangered Western Leopard Toad - found only in Cape Town South Africa Focus of Activities - ToadNUTS focus is on education, reducing roadkill during the toad migration during the breeding season, safeguarding the western leopard More

Western Leopard Toad conservation information Western Leopard Toad INSTRUCTIONS TO REMEMBER: * Make sure that your photo shows the whole back of the toad, it is More

The Western Leopard Toad (Amietophrynus pantherinus) is an International Union of the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)-listed, endangered amphibian. It is restricted to a small area of the Cape Peninsula and the southern reaches of the Cape Flats. More

efforts of the Western Leopard Toad Conservation Committee, which currently needs support to: * Monitor populations using photo recognition software (you can help by taking a photo of any Western Leopard Toad you encounter and More

Western Leopard Toad Conservation Comittee who looks after WLT's for the rest of the Cape Peninsula. Please feel free to join our website to stay up to date with our Toad news. More

sightings of the endangered Western leopard Toad are recorded on the property. This interesting red data book species lives for most of the year in dense leaf litter and migrates to low lying, clear pools to breed each August. More

The Western Leopard Toad Conservation Comittee have been collectively putting together the newly updated Western Leopard Toad site! Check it out to enjoy some interesting facts you may not have known about our famous friends! Click on the leopard toad icon under More

Feldman is investigating how Western Leopard Toads survive in an urban environment. The project has two main components. The first is the tagging and tracking of a group of twenty toads for thirty days after their breeding season. More

the first comprehensive Western Leopard Toad Information Boards were erected at the Noordhoek Farm Village in Cape Town, by local environmental group the Toad Nuts. Their goal is to erect a further 10 sets of these boards around the greater Cape Town area. More

Saving the endangered Western Leopard Toad from extinction * Main * My Page * Members * Photos * Videos * Events More

Western Leopard Toad breeding season is here = Posted by adminJuly 31, 2008 Calling all interested parties, the breeding season is coming on fast and I am looking for as many volunteers as I can find. More

The Western Leopard Toad (WLT) is an endangered species in Cape Town, mostly because of urban development and loss of habitat, as well as risky migration routes across busy roads. More

Order : Anura
Family : Bufonidae
Genus : Amietophrynus
Species : pantherinus
Authority : (Smith, 1828)