It is a dark grayish color on the top, with dark vertical marking and bands on the flank.

The bichirs are a family, Polypteridae, of archaic-looking ray-finned fishes, the sole family in the order Polypteriformes. All species occur in freshwater habitats in tropical Africa and the Nile River system, mainly swampy, shallow floodplains and estuaries. More

Bichir and Cuvier's Bichir, is sometimes called the dinosaur eel at many local pet chains - a misnomer, as the creature is not an eel. It is a prototypical species of the Polypterus genus, meaning most of its features are held across the genus. More

Unlike the more modern fish the Bichirs do not have a swim bladder but have developed an air breathing organ, which acts similar to a lung and allows them to gulp at the surface for air. More

) A remarkable ganoid fish (Polypterus bichir) found in the Nile and other African rivers. See Brachioganoidei. More

Summary: The Senegal Bichir, Polypterus senegalus , is an excellent choice for those who like 'primitive-looking' fish that are relatively active and have a lot of personality. They are very tough fish that will stand a lot of abuse before seeing fit to expire. More

The bichir is a decorated freshwater fish that has an elongated body, little but wide head, circular tail, and length about 2 ft long. More

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Encyclopedia The bichirs are a family, Polypteridae, of archaic-looking ray-finned fishesActinopterygiiThe Actinopterygii constitute the class of the ray-finned fishes. More

bichir (bich'ur) , common name for African freshwater fishes as of the family Polypteridae, and particularly for those of the genus Polypterus. Bichirs are among the most primitive of the ray-finned fishes, or Actinopterygii, the dominant group of modern fishes. More

The dorsal fin of the bichir is split into a row of small, saillike finlets that are erected when the animal is agitated. Like the sharks and the rays, it has a pair of spiracles. The bichir seems especially adapted to life in dry environments. More

The Senegal Bichir should be kept in a densely planted aquarium with rocks, driftwood, and a soft substrate. A community aquarium with larger fish is well suited for this fish as long as the aquarium is large enough and not overcrowded. More

The bichir is eaten in some areas. Citations - MLA Style: "bichir." Encyclopædia Britannica. 2010. Encyclopædia Britannica Online. 31 Jan. 2010 . APA Style:bichir. (2010). In Encyclopædia Britannica. More

Bichir debuted before the cameras from the age of 14 and launched himself as a telenovela star in his native Mexico in the '80s and '90s, prior to his slick and seemingly effortless transition into internationally oriented films during the early 2000s. More

Summary: The Armored Bichir, Polypterus delhezi, is an outstanding choice for people who like 'oddball' fish that are fairly active and personable. They will require a substantial aquarium as adults and cannot be kept with any fish that is small enough to be eaten. More

family, the Cuvier Bichir has the unique ability to survive out of water. More

Demián Bichir More at IMDbPro » = Photos (see all 27 | slideshow | add photos) Videos (see all 30) "Weeds" (2005): Season 5: Episode 1 - Wonderful WonderfulChe: Part Two (2008) - Clip: More

Bruno Bichir More at IMDbPro More

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The bichir is a bottom-dwelling fish, found in the Nile and in the rivers of W Africa. When these rivers overflow in late summer, it moves out to spawn in the flood marshes. It is sometimes caught as a food fish. More

Demian Bichir soon to be a household name? = By PAUL HODGINSThe Orange County Register Story Highlights High-profile film and stage roles might make the actor a familiar face in Southern California. More

Bichirs are a very primitive species of fish, perhaps even the most primitive of the Actinopterygii, or rayed fishes. These snake-like fish reach from about 1-4 feet in length depending on the species, and are found in river wetlands of central Africa and Zaire. More

Also called the Senegal Bichir, this is a very hardy species of Bichirs or Polypterus. They max out at around 30 cm long and never have any colouring to impress. However, they have a great personality and make a great addition to the larger aquarium. More

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Bichirs, indeed looking for all the world like a snake, reed or rope. It's serpentine body is tubular eel-like and lacks pelvic fins. A social animal, best displayed in multiple numbers together. Here are some "ropes" in captivity. More

Article Tab : GARDENER WITH A SECRET: Demian Bichir as Arturo and Shannon Cochran as Catherine in By the Waters of Babylon, playing at the Geffen Playhouse through the December 7th. More

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Order : Polypteriformes
Family : Polypteridae
Genus : Polypterus
Species : Polypterus bichir
Authority : Lacep