Copadichromis trewavasae

It is found in Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania.

The Copadichromis trewavasae lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater, depth range 10 - 30 m , usually 15 - 25 m environment.

Copadichromis trewavasae is a chordate, or more specifically a ray-finned fish, in the Cichlidae family. More

Copadichromis trewavasae is a species of fish in the Cichlidae family. This species of Copadichromis is named after noted ichthyologist Ethelwynn Trewavas. It is found in Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. Its natural habitat is freshwater lakes. More

Above: Copadichromis trewavasae (which has been known as Copadichromis "virginalis mloto Likoma") is one of three new Utaka species described by Konings (1999). (The other two are C. geertsi and C. ilesi.) Both of the C. trewavasae above are males. More

Copadichromis trewavasaefeed on the zooplankton found in the open water column. Plankton is not always plentiful in the lake; there are specific locations, however, that can supply the huge shoals of Utaka a steady flow of fresh plankton. More

Copadichromis trewavasae "Ivory head" male in the aquarium. Photo by Philippe Burnel. determiner Philippe Burnel. Copadichromis trewavasae Konings, 1999 - - Please login to view this full profile. More

Common names

Copadichromis trewavasae in Catalan (CatalĂ )
Tummavatsautaka in Finnish (suomen kieli)

Order : Perciformes
Family : Cichlidae
Genus : Copadichromis
Species : Copadichromis trewavasae
Authority : Konings, 1999