Nkhomo-benga peacock

The nkhomo-benga peacock is a species of fish in the Cichlidae family.

The Nkhomo-benga peacock lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater, pH range: 7.2 - 8.2, dH range: 10 - 30 environment.

The attractive Nkhomo-Benga Peacock is one of the smaller and more peaceful cichlids! The Nkhomo Benga Peacock is a real eye catcher with its bright yellows and vibrant blues. More

The nkhomo-benga peacock (Aulonocara baenschi) is a species of fish in the Cichlidae family. It is endemic to Malawi. Its natural habitat is freshwater lakes. More

Common names

Aulonocara baenschi in Catalan (CatalĂ )
Baenschs Malawibuntbarsch in German (Deutsch)
Chisawasawa in Nyanja
Chisawasawa in Unknown
Keltakeisariahven in Finnish (suomen kieli)
New yellow regal in English
Nkhomo-benga peacock in English
Yellow peacock in English
Yellow Regal-Buntbarsch in German (Deutsch)

Order : Perciformes
Family : Cichlidae
Genus : Aulonocara
Species : Aulonocara baenschi
Authority : Meyer & Riehl, 1985