Brachyhypopomus bullocki

The Brachyhypopomus bullocki lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

Brachyhypopomus bullockiBrachypopomus gauderio is not the only electric knifefish recently described from South America, U.S. researchers John P. Sullivan* and Carl D. Hopkins** have described another member of the genus Brachyhypopomus and given it the name Brachyhypopomus bullocki. More

1 Brachyhypopomus bullocki, a new species of electric knifefish ... genus: B. occidentalis (Regan, 1914), B. beebei (Schultz, ... Brachyhypopomus beebei: ANSP 130488 (Ecuador: Napo); CAS 67702 (Peru: Amazon); CU 71944, ... www.nbb.cornell. More

8 Brachyhypopomus bullocki, a new species of electric knifefish ... 1944), B. diazi (Fernández Yépez, 1972), B. pinnicaudatus ... the genus Brachyhypopomus to be poorly supported, ... Brachyhypopomus pinnicaudatus: ANSP 163465 (French ... 9 Poson: Definition from Answers. More

Brachyhypopomus bullocki in the most recent issue of the Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. More

Order : Gymnotiformes
Family : Hypopomidae
Genus : Brachyhypopomus
Species : Brachyhypopomus bullocki
Authority : Sullivan, 2009