Picotee goodeid

The Picotee goodeid lives in the demersal, freshwater, pH range: 6.5 - 7.2, dH range: 5 - 15 environment.

* Picotee goodeid, Zoogoneticus quitzeoensis Bean, 1898. * Tequila splitfin, Zoogoneticus tequila Webb & Miller, 1998. More

A colorful species is the Picotee Goodeid, which has a scientific name that is truly longer than its 40 mm adult size - Zoogoneticus quitzeoensis. This is an elegant species, very much like the Merry Widow, Phallichthys amates (Poeciliidae), in body shape and pattern. More

* Picotee Goodeid;Zoogoneticus quitzeoensis 12/31/69 * Jewelled Splitfin;Xenotoca variata 12/31/69 * Black Splitfin;Xenotoca melanosoma 12/31/69 * Redtail Splitfin;Xenotoca eiseni 12/31/69 * Leopard Splitfin;Xenotaenia resolanae 12/31/69 More

Common names

Dværggoodeide in Danish (dansk)
Goldsaum-Hochlandkärpfling in German (Deutsch)
Marmoritoka in Finnish (suomen kieli)
picote in Spanish (español)
picote splitfin in English
Picotee goodeid in English
picotee splitfin in Unknown
Weißsaum-Hochlandkärpfling in German (Deutsch)

Order : Cyprinodontiformes
Family : Goodeidae
Genus : Zoogoneticus
Species : Zoogoneticus quitzeoensis
Authority : Bean, 1898