Pachypanchax arnoulti

The Pachypanchax arnoulti lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

Care and maintenance of Pachypanchax arnoulti in an aquarium environment ... Current Scientific Name: Pachypanchax arnoulti. Known Strains:no records. Aquarium ... 3 pachypanchax Pachypanchax. List of known species. Pachypanchax arnoulti. Pachypanchax omalonotus. Pachypanchax patriciae. More

Pachypanchax arnoulti has the longest head (30.2% ± 1.8% of Standard Length) of any Malagasy Pachypanchax species. The absence of reduced pectoral squamation differentiates this species from P. sakaramyi and P. sparksorum. More

Pachypanchax arnoulti occurs in the Betsiboka, Boinakely and Andranomavo drainages and is named in honour of Jacques Arnoult. It is relatively drab in comparison to the other species, being predominantly coppery with metallic scales. More

Order : Cyprinodontiformes
Family : Aplocheilidae
Genus : Pachypanchax
Species : Pachypanchax arnoulti
Authority : Loiselle, 2006