Psilorhynchus nepalensis

The Psilorhynchus nepalensis lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater environment.

A species of fish, Psilorhynchus nepalensis, found in Budhi Rapti river near Chitawan National Park in 2008, and a frog species called Hylarana chitwanensis, were other important discoveries. More

Psilorhynchus nepalensis, which is known from the Ganges River drainage in Nepal, is named after its country of origin (Nepal). According to the authors, the type locality of this species is “…cool and swiftly flowing, with a gravel bottom and numerous riffles. More

Psilorhynchus nepalensis is easily distinguished, however, from P. balitora by the absence (vs. presence) of scales on the midventral surface between pectoral fins. More

The fish Psilorhynchus nepalensis, named after its country of origin, was officially described in 2008 from the Budi Rapti river, just outside Chitwan National Park. More

Psilorhynchus nepalensis, new species, from the tributary rivers of the Kali Gandaki, central Nepal is most similar to P. balitora in general appearance and is distinguished by the absence of scales from its midventral region between pectoral fins. More

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Psilorhynchidae
Genus : Psilorhynchus
Species : Psilorhynchus nepalensis
Authority : Conway & Mayden, 2008