Spanner barb

The fish will grow in length up to 7 inches .

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The Spanner barb lives in the benthopelagic, freshwater, pH range: 6.0 - 6.5, dH range: 10 environment.

The spanner barb (Puntius lateristriga), or t-barb is a tropical freshwater fish belonging to the Cyprininae sub-family of the Cyprinidae family. It originates in inland waters in Asia, and is found from the Malay Peninsula to Borneo. More

Pale-coloured Spanner Barb in a clear forest stream, Singapore. This species is easily identified by the two thick vertical bands and single horizontal band, however the pattern of the Spanner or T-Barb can vary from this norm. More

The Spanner Barb or "T-barb" is a tan fish with iridescent scales. It has two dark vertical bands, one behind the gill, and the other at the dorsal fin. More

My spanner barb is always hungry and would eat anything if I threw it into the tank. I wonder how long can this fish live up to...mine is turning 9 years old and is still going strong. More

Do you have Spanner barb in your aquarium? Send me please a short paragraph about your experiences with Spanner barb. Some photo would be handy too. I will place both here. More

Spanner barbs get their name from the pattern of stripes along their flanks: two vertical bars and one horizontal one, in a form resembling a spanner (or wrench). More

Much smaller than the spanner barb at a mere 2.4" when mature, this delightful fish is shimmering yellow in color with a little red on the tail fin and a few black spots along the flanks. More

The Spanner barb is a hardy aquarium fish although it can be a little boisterous and may chase some fishes. Taking this into account it should only be kept with other medium-large active and robust fishes. More

Common names

Dokun in Malay (bahasa Melayu)
Korsbarb in Swedish (Svenska)
Parmicka cernopásá in Czech (česky)
Parmicka cernopruhá in Czech (česky)
Parmicka pruhoocasá in Czech (česky)
Parmicka pruhovaná in Czech (česky)
Puntius lateristriga in Catalan (Català)
Puntius lateristriga in Italian (Italiano)
Ristibarbi in Finnish (suomen kieli)
Schwarzbandfleckbarbe in German (Deutsch)
Spanner barb in English
T-båndsbarbe in Danish (dansk)
T-barb in English
ปลาอีกอง in Thai (ไทย)
侧条无须魮 in Mandarin Chinese
側條無鬚魮 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Cypriniformes
Family : Cyprinidae
Genus : Puntius
Species : Puntius lateristriga
Authority : Valenciennes, 1842