Do you want to learn something new every day about animals? On this frequently updated page you will find information and news about animals. You can even add "animal of the day" to your own site (read more)

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Our mission is to get people excited about animals and their welfare by writing articles on these animals. We encourage people to comment on posts and maybe join us in writing about animals. Don't forget to subscribe to our feed.

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You can add the widget on the right column to your blog by copying the code below and pasting it on the page you want it to appear. An example of how this would look like can be seen on the right side of this page -------->

To add "Animal of the day" to your site, just copy the code below and paste it into your template.

When you insert the code in your page, it will automatically load the current "animal of the day" and display it just like this box in the upper right part of this page. If you feel the need to edit the style in which it is displayed, please do so, but leave the displayed text and links as they are. If you have any questions regarding the "animal of the day" code, getting it to work or getting it to be displayed correctly, please contact us

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