Genus Ulmus


Species in the genus Ulmus of plants

Ulmus chenmoui - Although the tree can grow to a height of < 20 m, the slender trunk rarely exceeds 0.5 m db.


Ulmus elongata - The tree grows to a height of < 30 m, the trunk < 0.8 m db.


Ulmus gaussenii - The tree can grow to a height of about 25 m, with a slender trunk < 0.5 m db.

Ulmus wallichiana - The Himalayan Elm grows to 30 m tall, with a broad crown featuring several ascending branches. The bark of the trunk is greyish brown and longitudinally furrowed. The leaves are elliptic-acuminate, < 13 cm long and 6 cm broad on petioles 5 mm - 10 mm long. The samarae are usually orbicular, < 13 mm in diameter .