Family Solanaceae

Solanaceae is a family of flowering plants that contains a number of important agricultural crops as well as many toxic plants.

Genera in the family Solanaceae of plants


Aureliana - Aureliana is a genus of plant in family Solanaceae.

Brugmansia - Elisia Milano Methysticodendron R. Pseudodatura Zijp

Brunfelsia - Brunfelsia is a genus of about 40 species of neotropical shrubs and small trees.


Cestrum - Fregirardia Habrothamnus Meyenia Schltdl. Parqui Wadea



Cyphomandra - Cyphomandra was a genus in the flowering plant family Solanaceae .



Grabowskia - Pukanthus Raf.


Iochroma - Iochroma is a genus of about 34 species of shrubs and small trees found in the forests of South America.


Larnax - The first larnakes appeared in Minoan times during the Greek Bronze Age, when they took the form of a ceramic coffer designed to imitate a wooden chest, perhaps on the pattern of Egyptian linen chests.


Lycianthes - Lycianthes is a genus of plants from the nightshade family , found in both the Old World and the New World, but predominantly in the latter.


Lycium - Cantalea Raf. Evoista Raf. Jasminoides Duhamel Oplukion Raf. Panzeria J. Teremis Raf.


Markea - Markea is a genus of plant in family Solanaceae.


Mellissia - It is notable for the subcampanulate calyx which encloses the white corolla, and is strongly accrescent in fruit, somewhat like the "Chinese lantern" genus, Physalis.


Nicotiana - Amphipleis Raf. Blenocoes Raf. Dittostigma Phil. Eucapnia Raf. Langsdorfia Raf. Lehmannia Spreng. Perieteris Raf. Polydiclis Miers Sairanthus G. Siphaulax Raf. Tabacum Gilib. Tabacus Moench Waddingtonia Phil.


Nierembergia - Nierembergia is a genus of plants in the Nightshade family.

Nothocestrum - See text


Sessea - Sessea is a genus of plant in family Solanaceae.

Solanum - Androcera Nutt. Aquartia Jacq. Artorhiza Raf. Bassovia Aubl. Battata Hill Bosleria A. Ceranthera Raf. Cliocarpus Miers Cyphomandra Mart. Diamonon Raf. Dulcamara Moench Lycopersicon Mill. Melongena Mill. Normania Lowe Nycterium Vent. Ovaria Fabr. Parmentiera Raf. Petagnia Raf. Pheliandra Werderm. Pseudocapsicum Medik. Scubulus Raf. Solanastrum Fabr. Solanocharis Bitter Solanopsis Bitter Triguera Cav.


Trianaea - Trianaea is a genus of plant in family Solanaceae.


Withania - Alicabon Raf. Archiphysalis Kuang Manoelia Bowdich Opsago Raf. Physaliastrum Makino Physaloides Moench Puneeria Stocks