Family Thymelaeaceae

Thymelaeaceae is a cosmopolitan family of flowering plants composed of 50 genera and 898 species

Genera in the family Thymelaeaceae of plants

Aquilaria - Aquilaria is a genus of fifteen species of trees in the Thymelaeaceae, native to southeast Asia.


Daphne - A version of the attempt on Daphne's sworn virginity that has been less familiar since the Renaissance was narrated by the Hellenistic poet Parthenius, in his Erotica Pathemata, "The Sorrows of Love".




Gnidia - Gnidia is a genus of plant in family Thymelaeaceae.


Gonystylus - Gonystylus, also known as ramin, is a genus of about 30 species of hardwood trees native to southeast Asia, in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea, with the highest species diversity on Borneo.


Peddiea - Peddiea is a genus of plant in family Thymelaeaceae.



Wikstroemia - Wikstroemia is a genus of 55-70 species of flowering shrubs and small trees in the mezereon family, Thymelaeaceae.