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Dombeya acutangula

The Bois Bete or mahot tantan is a flowering plant species found only in Mauritius and Réunion. Formerly placed in the Sterculiaceae, this artificial assemblage is now included in the family Malvaceae by most authors.

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* Dombeya acutangula – Bois Bete, mahot tantan * Dombeya aethiopica * Dombeya amaniensis * Dombeya autumnalis I.Verd. * Dombeya blattiolens Frapp. * Dombeya boehmiana (= Vincentia boehmiana (F.Hoffm.) Burret) * Dombeya burgessiae Gerr. ex Harv. (= D. greenwayi Wild, D. mastersii Hook.f., D. parvifolia K.Schum., D. rosea E.G.Baker, D. More