Genus Dombeya

Acropetalum A. Assonia Cav. Astrapaea Lindl. Cavanilla J. Hilsenbergia Boj. Koenigia Comm. Leeuwenhoeckia E. Stewartia Comm. Vahlia Dahl Walcuffa J. Walkuffa Bruce ex Steud. Xeropetalum Delile

Species in the genus Dombeya of plants

Dombeya acutangula - The Bois Bete or mahot tantan is a flowering plant species found only in Mauritius and Réunion. Formerly placed in the Sterculiaceae, this artificial assemblage is now included in the family Malvaceae by most authors.


Dombeya amaniensis - Its relationships are not well determined. It seems to belong to an ill-defined clade containing congeners from eastern Africa and the Madagascar region, such as D. tiliacea and several species from the Mascarenes. Among the latter, D. delislei, D. elegans and D. punctata might be somewhat closer to the present species than the "rainforest group" around D. ciliata.

Dombeya rotundifolia - Dombeya rotundifolia, Dikbas or "South African Wild Pear" , is a small deciduous tree with dark grey to blackish deeply fissured bark, found in Southern Africa and northwards to central and eastern tropical Africa. Formerly placed in the Sterculiaceae, that artificial group has now been abandoned by most authors and the plants are part of an enlarged Malvaceae