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Huernia plowesii

* Huernia plowesiiHuernia plowesiiHuernia plowesii is a species of plant in the Asclepiadaceae family. It is endemic to Namibia. Its natural habitat is rocky areas.-References:* Craven, P. 2004. . Downloaded on 22 August 2007.... More

Huernia plowesii is related to H. guttata, but unlike that species H. plowesii is found only in Namibia. PVB5731 is from near Helmeringhausen, whilst the other plant shown is a hand pollinated cross by Iztok Mulej from plants originally from Helmeringhausen and the Tiras mountains. Huernia praestans This species is found only in Western Cape Province, the plant shown is PVB1896 from Oudtshoorn in the Klein Karoo. More