Gentianales are an order of flowering plants, included within the asterid group of dicotyledons.

Families in the order Gentianales of plants

Apocynaceae - Asclepiadaceae Borkh. Periplocaceae Schltr. Plumeriaceae Horan. Stapeliaceae Horan. Vincaceae Vest Willughbeiaceae J.


Loganiaceae - Antoniaceae Hutch. Geniostomataceae Struwe & V. Spigeliaceae Bercht. Strychnaceae DC.

Asclepiadaceae - According to APG II, the Asclepiadaceae is a former plant family now treated as a subfamily in the Apocynaceae .

Gentianaceae - Gentianaceae, or the Gentian family, is a family of flowering plants of 87 genera and over 1500 species.