Nothofagus alpina

Nothofagus alpina also called Rauli Beech is a species of plant in the Fagaceae family. Deciduous tree, it grows in Chile and Argentina , it reaches 50 m height and more than 2 meters in diameter. Its distribution goes from 35 to 42 South latitude. It is found on the Andes. It tolerates low temperatures and heavy winds. It has a straight and cylindrical trunk with grey bark.

Nothofagus alpina and Nothofagus obliqua were tested. The results of the testing in relation to the sources were reported as: * Nuble in Chile. This was the most equatorial source and these seedlots proved to be the most susceptible to frost. * Neuquen in Argentina. These seedlots, as well as those gathered from mature trees growing in Britain with origins from Malleco in Chile were the most hardy. More