Brazilian Rosewood

Dalbergia nigra produces a very hard and heavy wood, characteristically varied in colour from brick red through various shades of light chocolate brown to very dark violet brown with veins of black creating random lines and a highly prized figure called 'spider webbing' or 'landscape'. The odour of Brazilian rosewood is unmistakeable, having a floral fragrance reminiscent of roses with a distinctive sweetness and at its strongest in very colourful old growth wood. Another distinguishing feature is its outstanding resonance. When tapped it emits a bright metallic ring that sustains. This property combined with its beauty has made Brazilian rosewood a favourite of musical instrument makers for centuries.

The Holy Grail of instrument woods, Brazilian Rosewood is the coveted hardwood by which all other tone woods in the World are judged. It is known for its sweet, fragrant aroma and incredible acoustical qualities. The rich, even color of Brazilian Rosewood can range from dark brown, brick red, orange, and even black. Rare on the World Market, this hardwood cannot be shipped outside of the USA. Our wood is cut from reclaimed stumps from trees that were cut in the 1960's and 1970's. More

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