Genus Dalbergia

Amerimnon P. Coroya Pierre Ecastaphyllum P. Miscolobium Vogel Triptolemea Mart.

Species in the genus Dalbergia of plants


Dalbergia annamensis - Dalbergia annamensis is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family. It is found only in Vietnam. It is threatened by habitat loss and agent orange.

Indian rosewood - The tree has grey bark that peels in long fibres, oddly pinnately compound leaves, and bunches of small white flowers. It grows as both an evergreen and a deciduous tree in the deciduous monsoon forests of India making the tree very drought hearty.


African Blackwood - It is a small tree, reaching 415 m tall, with grey bark and spiny shoots. The leaves are deciduous in the dry season, alternate, 622 cm long, pinnate, with 6-9 alternately arranged leaflets. The flowers are white, produced in dense clusters. The fruit is a pod 37 cm long, containing one to two seeds.


Brazilian Rosewood - Dalbergia nigra produces a very hard and heavy wood, characteristically varied in colour from brick red through various shades of light chocolate brown to very dark violet brown with veins of black creating random lines and a highly prized figure called 'spider webbing' or 'landscape'. The odour of Brazilian rosewood is unmistakeable, having a floral fragrance reminiscent of roses with a distinctive sweetness and at its strongest in very colourful old growth wood. Another distinguishing feature is its outstanding resonance. When tapped it emits a bright metallic ring that sustains. This property combined with its beauty has made Brazilian rosewood a favourite of musical instrument makers for centuries.


Dalbergia odorifera - Its common name is "fragrant rosewood".


Dalbergia oliveri - The wood of this rosewood-family tree is valuable for ornamental work including Woodturning and furniture. The sapwood is yellowish-white with dark brown heartwood. The heartwood is very hard and heavy. The lumber is sold under the names Burmese Rosewood, Laos Rosewood, Asian Rosewood.


Dalbergia retusa - Retusin is produced by the tree.


Dalbergia tsiandalana - Dalbergia tsiandalana is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family. It is found only in Madagascar. It is threatened by habitat loss.