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Alpine sandmat

Chamaesyce olowaluana (Sherff) Croizat & Deg. Taxonomic Serial No.: 501444 Download Chamaesyce olowaluana TSN 501444 Taxonomy and Nomenclature Kingdom: Plantae Taxonomic Rank: Species Synonym(s): Chamaesyce olowaluana var. gracilis (Rock) O.& I. Deg. Chamaesyce olowaluana var. lepidofolia (O. Deg. & Sherff) O.& I. Deg. Euphorbia lorifolia var. More

Chamaesyce olowaluana is endemic to the islands of Hawaii and Maui. The population is declining, however, currently little is known about the number of subpopulations or the range area of the species. History: 1998 Vulnerable (Oldfield et al. More

Chamaesyce olowaluana (Sherff) Croizat & O. Deg. More