Family Gramineae

Poaceae is a family in the Class Liliopsida of the flowering plants.

Genera in the family Gramineae of plants


Agrostis - Agrostis is a genus of over 100 species belonging to the grass family Poaceae.


Andropogon - Broomsedge is found along the eastern United States.


Aristida - The three-awns are the grass genus Aristida, distinguished by having three awns on each lemma of each floret.


Aulonemia - Aulonemia is a genus of bamboo , comprising about 30 species found from South America to Mexico and Costa Rica.


Bothriochloa - Species include:


Calamagrostis - Calamagrostis, or Small-reed or Reedgrass, is a genus in the Grass family Poaceae with about 260 species that occur mainly in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere and the southern hemisphere.


Cenchrus - Cenchropsis Nash Echinaria Fabr. Nastus Lunell Raram Adans.


Chusquea - Chusquea culeou, the Colihue cane, from southern Chile and adjacent western Argentina, is notable as the most frost-tolerant South American bamboo and the only one that has been grown successfully to any extent in the temperate northern hemisphere, with successful growth as an ornamental plant north to Scotland.


Colpodium - Colpodium is a genus of grass in the Poaceae family.


Dactyloctenium - Dactyloctenium is a grass genus in the family Poaceae.


Danthonia - Species include:


Deschampsia - Airidium Steud. Campelia Kunth Campella Link Czerniaevia Ledeb. Erioblastus Honda Homoiachne Pilg. Lerchenfeldia Schur Monandraira Desv. Podionapus Dulac


Echinolaena - Echinolaena is a genus of grass in the Poaceae family.


Eragrostis - Numerous, see text


Festuca - Festuce is a genus of about 300 species of perennial tufted grasses, belonging to the grass family Poaceae .


Helictotrichon - Helictotrichon is a genus of perennial grass in the Poaceae family.


Hypseochloa - Hypseochloa is a genus of grass in the Poaceae family.


Ischaemum - Ischaemum is a genus of tropical grasses in the Poaceae family, with a distribution mainly in the Old World tropics of about 70 species.


Lepturus - Thintail is a grass genus in the Poaceae family.


Muhlenbergia - Muhlenbergia is a genus of grass in the Poaceae family.


Nassella - Nasella is characterized by strongly overlapping lemma margins and reduced, veinless paleas.


Neurolepis - Neurolepis is a genus of bamboo.


Panicum - Panicum is a large genus of about 450 species of grasses native throughout the tropical regions of the world, with a few species extending into the northern temperate zone.


Paspalum - Numerous, see text


Pentaschistis - Pentaschistis is a genus of grass in the Poaceae family.


Pharus - Pharus is a genus of grass in the Poaceae family.


Poa - Poa is a genus of about 500 species of grasses, native to the temperate regions of both hemispheres.


Setaria - Acrochaete Peter Chaetochloa Scribn. Cymbosetaria Schweick. Miliastrum Fabr. Tansaniochloa Rauschert

Sporobolus - Agrosticula Raddi Bauchea E. Bennetia Raf. Cryptostachys Steud. Diachyrium Griseb. Spermachiton Llanos Spermatochiton Pilg. Triachyrum Hochst.


Stipa - This article is about a type of grass.


Uniola - Nevroctola Raf. Trisiola Raf. Triunila Raf.