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Sicilian fir

Despite its scientific name, the species is presently limited to the steep, dry slopes of Mt. Scalone in the Madonie Mountains in the north-central part of Sicily.

Sicilian Fir (Abies nebrodensis) is a fir native to the Nebrodi and Madonie mountains in northern Sicily. It is a medium-size evergreen coniferous tree growing to 15-25 m tall and with a trunk diameter of up to 1 m. It occurs at altitudes of 1400-1,600 m. As a result of deforestation it is now extremely rare, with only 21 mature trees surviving; replanting programmes are meeting with limited success due to heavy grazing pressure by livestock belonging to local farmers. More

Sicilian fir in montane habitat Sicilian fir in montane habitatPrint factsheet Facts - Kingdom Plantae Phylum Tracheophyta Class Coniferopsida Order Coniferales Family Pinaceae Genus Abies (1) Size Height: 10 - 15 m (2) More