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Greek Fir

The leaves are needle-like, flattened, 1.5-3 cm long and 2 mm wide by 0.5 mm thick, glossy dark green above, and with two blue-white bands of stomata below. The tip of the leaf is pointed, usually fairly sharply but sometimes with a blunt tip, particularly on slow-growing shoots on older trees. The cones are 10-20 cm long and 4 cm broad, with about 150-200 scales, each scale with an exserted bract and two winged seeds; they disintegrate when mature to release the seeds.

Monograph of Abies cephalonica Loudon TitleMonograph of Abies cephalonica LoudonUrlCurrently unavailable, click HERE to searchDescriptionPanetsos, C. P. (Panetsos, K. More

Abies cephalonica 'Pyramidalis' (pyramidalis Zederbaur) ha: pyramidal so: unknown in the modern trade (2003) Abies cephalonica var. reginae-amaliae = var. cephalonica Abies cephalonica 'Robusta' ha: strong, branches more erect and thick, spirally crown in time, decurving below, foliage more dense than many seedlings Abies cephalonica 'Rubiginosa' lv: new foliage darkly ferrugineous at first, giving a dark reddish-brown color to new growth. This is the fir equivalent of the cinnamon hemlocks. More

Abies cephalonica Loudon - Cone Greece: Peloponnese, near Kosmas 37 More