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Calocedrus formosana

It is a medium-size tree to 20-25 m tall, with a trunk up to 3 m diameter. The bark is orange-brown weathering greyish, smooth at first, becoming fissured and exfoliating in long strips on the lower trunk on old trees. The foliage is produced in flattened sprays with scale-like leaves 1.58 mm long; they are arranged in opposite decussate pairs, with the successive pairs closely then distantly spaced, so forming apparent whorls of four; the facial pairs are flat, with the lateral pairs folded over their bases. The upper side of the foliage sprays is green without stomata, the underside is marked with dense patches of white stomata.

Calocedrus formosana (Taiwan Incense-cedar) is endemic on Taiwan. It is very similar to C. macrolepis, and some botanists treat it as a variety of that, C. macrolepis var. formosana. It is a medium-size tree, growing to 25-30 m tall, and is rare in the wild, occurring only as scattered trees in mixed forests. The leaves are glaucous green on the upper side of the shoots, and conspicuously marked with bright white stomatal patches on the under side. The cones are 1. More

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Calocedrus formosana (Florin) Florin dt. More

The Calocedrus formosana is endemic to Taiwan. They are one of the most important tree species used in the afforestation of broad-leaved coniferous forest belts and are distributed primarily in warm-temperate forests at 500-1900m elevations. More