Rottnest Island Cypress-pine

Common Names: Rottnest Island pine FloraBase, Murray pine, maroong, Southern Cypress pine, or Slender Cypress pine The Gymnosperm Database

Callitris preissii is a medium-sized tree up to 10 m tall. The crown usually comprises fine, very dense foliage. It grows on calcareous, sandy soils derived from limestone or aeolian deposits along sand dune systems and rocky limestone knolls in this region . Flowering and seeds = This species is monoecious with male and female flowers on the same plant and flowers (strobili) are present during October to November . More

Callitris preissii from the Global Compendium of Weeds, and citations of references to this species as a weed. Definitions of terms are available in the GCW introduction View info about Adobe Acrobat PDF format. For further information-or to report corrections or concerns-contact More

Callitris preissii, close up, fruit, leaves, best of name Callitris preissii, leaves, whole plant, best of name Callitris preissii subsp. More