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It is a large coniferous evergreen tree growing up to 65m tall with smooth, grey coloured bark. The leaves are oval, 4-6 cm long and 1.5-2 cm broad on adult trees, slightly larger, up to 7 cm long and 3 cm broad, on young trees. The seed cones are squat ovoid, 7-9 cm long and 12 cm diameter, containing numerous spirally arranged scales 28-32 mm long and 35-45 mm broad, each scale bearing a single winged seed. The pollen cones are 25-45 mm long and 10-11 mm broad.

For details on New Zealand Kauri, see Agathis australis The type of gastropod marine mollusc is spelled cowrie, while the New Zealand land mollusc is spelled Kauri . More

Agathis australis, commonly known as the kauri, is a coniferous tree found north of 38S in the northern districts of New Zealand's North Island. It is the largest (by volume) but not tallest species of tree in New Zealand, standing up to 50m tall in the emergent layer above the forest's main canopy. The tree has smooth bark and small oval leaves. Other common names to distinguish A. australis from other members of the genus are southern kauri and New Zealand kauri. More

Kauri is run by a team of experienced Java developers and is licensed under the liberal Apache open source license. More

Kauri has completed the conversion of a 56-unit apartment building to "New York Style" lofts and one-bedroom condominums. The project is ideally located just a block away from Vulcan's 2200 complex on Westlake. Carbon 56 provides 52 lofts and four one-bedroom units. Units vary in size betwe... More