Family Celastraceae

The Celastraceae , is a family of about 90-100 genera and 1,300 species of vines, shrubs and small trees, belonging to the order Celastrales.

Genera in the family Celastraceae of plants


Bhesa - Bhesa is a genus of plant in family Centroplacaceae.

Cassine - In addition to the nucleus of Cassine itself three frazioni fall within the boundaries of the commune: Caranzano, Gavonata, and Sant'Andrea.

Catha - Catha may refer to:


Elaeodendron - Crocoxylon Eckl. Pseudocassine Bredell Telemachia Urb.


Euonymus - Kalonymus Prokh. Pragmotessara Pierre Pragmotropa Pierre Quadripterygium Tardieu Sphaerodiscus Nakai


Glyptopetalum - Glyptopetalum is a genus of plant in family Celastraceae.



Gymnosporia - Species include:


Kokoona - Species include:


Lophopetalum - Lophopetalum is a genus of plant in family Celastraceae.


Maytenus - Boaria A.


Microtropis - Species include:


Peritassa - Species include:


Perrottetia - Caryospermum Blume


Platypterocarpus - Platypterocarpus is a genus of plant in family Celastraceae.


Pseudosalacia - Species include:


Salacia - Salacia may refer to:


Sarawakodendron - Species include:


Siphonodon - Species include:


Tetrasiphon - Species include:


Tontelea - Species include:


Wimmeria - Wimmeria is a genus of shrubs to small trees in the family Celastraceae.


Zinowiewia - Zinowiewia is a genus of plants in the family Celastraceae.