Genus Polycarpaea

Polycarpaea is a genus of plant in family Caryophyllaceae.

Species in the genus Polycarpaea of plants


Polycarpaea spicata - Annual herb, with woody tap root. Stems 5-10 cm, erect to ascending, slender, many, arising from the base, purplish-brown, glabrous. Leaves 5-15 x 3-5 somewhat thick, obovate to spathulate, basal leaves forming a rosette, cauline apparently whorled at the nodes, at the point of branching. Stipules lanceolate, lacerate, acuminate. Flowers sessile in dense, terminal spikes with long peduncles. Sepals 2.5-3 mm, lanceolate, with a brown midrib at the back. Petals small, oblong. Capsule included, about the length of the sepals. Seeds small, subtrigonous, shining. Shining.