Genus Alsinidendron

Alsinidendron is a genus of plant in family Caryophyllaceae, whose species are often included in the genus Schiedea.

Species in the genus Alsinidendron of plants


Alsinidendron lychnoides - Alsinidendron lychnoides is a species of plant in the carnation family, Caryophyllaceae. It is endemic to dry forests and low shrublands in Hawai?i. It is threatened by habitat loss.


Mountain alsinidendron - Three-Nerved Alsinidendron inhabits mixed mesic and wet forests on the slopes of the Wai?anae Range at elevations of 9001,230 m . Associated plants include pilo , ?ape?ape , ?alani , h?pu?u , hame , and m?maki . It is threatened by habitat loss.