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Rose cactus

Although it is a cactus by classification, it takes the form of a shrub or small tree, 2-5 meters high, with a grayish-brown trunk up to 20 cm in diameter. The areolees are rounded cushion-shaped grayish or brownish tomentum; on the twigs they are 3-7 mm diameter and up to 12 mm on the main trunk. The spines range from black to brown, the number at each areole gradually increasing with age; new twigs can have spineless areoles, while the trunk areoles may have up to 90 spines, each 2-6.5 cm long. The leaves vary in size from 9-23 cm long, entire, with shapes ranging from elliptic to ovate and obovate-lanceolate.

Detail of the flower of Pereskia grandifolia Stem of a tree-shaped Pereskia grandifolia * Pereskia aculeata - Barbados gooseberry * Pereskia aculeata var. More

Keywords: Pereskia grandifolia, Microsporium canis, Trichophyton rubru, adenine, BAP, NAA, callus. More