The order is a cosmopolite, and includes mostly herbaceous species, although a small number of trees and shrubs are also present.

Families in the order Asterales of plants

Compositae - Compositae Giseke Acarnaceae Link Ambrosiaceae Bercht. Anthemidaceae Bercht. Aposeridaceae Raf. Arctotidaceae Bercht. Artemisiaceae Martinov Athanasiaceae Martinov Calendulaceae Bercht. Carduaceae Bercht. Cassiniaceae Sch. Cichoriaceae Juss. Coreopsidaceae Link Cynaraceae Spenn. Echinopaceae Bercht. Eupatoriaceae Bercht. Helichrysaceae Link Inulaceae Bercht. Lactucaceae Drude Mutisiaceae Burnett Partheniaceae Link Perdiciaceae Link Senecionaceae Bercht. Vernoniaceae Burmeist. Sources: UniProt