This weblog has been set up to let you discover a new animal every day. Educate yourself by reading about animals throughout the world, it's fun, educational, and the more people are interested in animals, the more attention will be given to their welfare.
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20 July 05 - 17 :25New feature for your website?

For webmasters/bloggers (how you would like to call yourself), a new feature has been setup for your site: "Animal of the Day", you can add this to your website by copying the code here. An example of how this would look like can be seen on the right of this page... Or here

To add "Animal of the day" to your site, just copy the code below.

When you insert this code in your page, it will load the daily updated "animal of the day" and display it like the box on your right. If you feel the need to edit the style in which it is displayed, please do so, but leave the displayed text and links in tact. If you have any questions regarding the "animal of the day" code, getting it to work or getting it to be displayed correctly, please email us at

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