Family Cunoniaceae

The Cunoniaceae is a family of 26 genera and about 350 species of woody plants in the Antarctic flora, native to Australia, New Caledonia, New Guinea, New Zealand, southern South America, the Mascarene Islands and southern Africa.

Genera in the family Cunoniaceae of plants


Acsmithia - Species include:


Ceratopetalum - Ceratopetalum is a genus of nine species of shrub and tree in the family Cunoniaceae.


Cunonia - Cunonia is a genus of flowering plants, which includes several species of evergreen trees and shrubs.


Geissois - Species include:


Pancheria - Species include:


Pullea - Species include:


Spiraeanthemum - Species include:

Weinmannia - This genus is merged into Cunonia by some authors.