Family Chrysobalanaceae

Chrysobalanaceae is a family of trees, shrubs and flowering plants, consisting of 17 genera and about 460 species of leptocaul that grows in the Tropics or is subtropical and common in the Americas.

Genera in the family Chrysobalanaceae of plants



Atuna - Several, see text


Bafodeya - Bafodeya is a genus of plant in family Chrysobalanaceae.


Couepia - Couepia is a genus of flowering plants in the family Chrysobalanaceae



Hirtella - Hirtella is a genus of plant in family Chrysobalanaceae.


Hunga - Species include:


Kostermanthus - Species include:


Licania - Licania is a plant genus in the family Chrysobalanaceae.


Magnistipula - Species include:


Maranthes - Species include:


Parinari - Species of genus Parinari are found in Subsaharan Africa from Senegal to Sudan and Kenya and south to Namibia and Natal; in Eastern Madagascar; from Indochina through Indonesia, New Guinea, northern Queensland, and the southwest Pacific; and in Central and South America from Costa Rica to Trinidad and southern Brazil.