Family Rhamnaceae

Frangulaceae DC. Phylicaceae J. Ziziphaceae Adans.

Genera in the family Rhamnaceae of plants

Alphitonia - Alphitonia is an arborescent genus of flowering plants with about 20 species, belonging to the buckthorn family of the rosid eudicots.


Auerodendron - Species include:

Colubrina - Barcena Dugès Cormonema Reissek ex Endl. Hybosperma Urb. Macrorhamnus Baill.



Emmenosperma - The name comes from the Greek "emmeno" meaning and "sperma", .


Frangula - The Buckthorns are a genus of about 100 species of shrubs or small trees from 1-10 m tall , in the buckthorn family Rhamnaceae.


Gouania - Pleuranthodes Weberb.


Lasiodiscus - Lasiodiscus is a small plant genus in the family Rhamnaceae, endemic to Africa and its adjacent islands.

Nesiota - It was an island endemic native to Saint Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Phylica - Phylica is a genus of plants in the family Rhamnaceae.


Pomaderris - Pomaderris is a genus of 70 species of shrub to small tree in the buckthorn family Rhamnaceae.


Reynosia - Species include:


Rhamnella - Rhamnella is a genus of plant in the family Rhamnaceae.


Rhamnidium - Species include:

Rhamnus - There is an ancient legend that, before the Battle of Marathon, the Persians brought with them a huge piece of marble, from which to make a memorial to their victory, which they believed certain.


Sarcomphalus - Species include:

Ziziphus - Condaliopsis Suess. Sarcomphalus P.