Family Polypodiaceae

Drynariaceae Grammitidaceae Gymnogrammitidaceae Loxogrammaceae Platyceriaceae Pleurisoriopsidaceae

Genera in the family Polypodiaceae of plants


Campyloneurum - Campyloneurum is a genus of ferns in family Polypodiaceae.


Leptochilus - The genus Leptochilus in biological nomenclature can refer to either:


Melpomene - In Roman and Greek poetry, it was traditional to invoke the goddess Melpomene so that one might create beautiful lyrical phrases .


Neocheiropteris - Neocheiropteris is a genus of fern in family Polypodiaceae.


Pecluma - Pecluma is a genus of fern in family Polypodiaceae.


Polypodium - Polypodium is a genus of between 75-100 species of true ferns, widely distributed throughout the world, with the highest species diversity in the tropics.


Solanopteris - Solanopteris