Genus Bulbophyllum

Bulbophyllum is the largest genus in the orchid family Orchidaceae.

Species in the genus Bulbophyllum of plants


Bulbophyllum bifarium - Bulbophyllum bifarium, or Two-Sided Bulbophyllum, is an epiphytic plant species in the Orchidaceae family, flowering in November and endemic to Cameroon. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical or tropical moist montanes, where it is threatened by habitat loss.


Bulbophyllum filiforme - Bulbophyllum filiforme is a species of epiphytic plant in the Orchidaceae family, found in Cameroon and Nigeria, where its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry, lowland evergreen forests.


Bulbophyllum gravidum - Bulbophyllum gravidum is a species of epiphytic plant in the Orchidaceae family that is found in Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon . Its natural habitats are in montane, subtropical or tropical dry forests, at elevations of about 1,500 meters. The Mount Cameroon habitat, in particular, is threatened by the clearing of forest for the purpose of cocoyam farming.


Bulbophyllum jaapii - The distribution and range of B. jaapii is extremely limited; confined entirely to the summit forests and scrublands of a singular mountain in Camaroon , at elevations of approximately 1,800 meters. It was first collected in November , 1985 as a new discovery by DW.


Bulbophyllum kupense - The knowledge of the existence of B. kupense is learned only by a singular epiphyte on one small, cultivated mango tree , in a private garden in Nyasoso , Mount Kupe. It is the only one ever recorded, and it is still living. However, it is highly probable that this is not the only example of this species, which likely occurs somewhere in the forests on and around Mount Kupe.


Bulbophyllum modicum - All confirmed collections of B. modicum come from the outskirts of the town of Buea. One other collection from Bambui is sterile, and has yet to be confirmed as being this species.


Bulbophyllum nigericum - In the village of Enyandong, a specimen of B. nigericum is growing on a tree in front of the house of the village Chief, where it is visible to the public. Conservationists are hopeful that this will help raise local awareness of this plant, aid in its identification, and so promote its protection.


Bulbophyllum pandanetorum - In September 1925, the first sample of B. pandanetorum were collected, twice, in Gabon. They were both found in the Ngounyé River region; the first specimen was located near Kembélé, and the second, along the River Dévèla. Both were attached to Pandanus trees, and so the botanist's choice of specific epithet.


Bulbophyllum porphyrostachys - Although the distribution of B. porphyrostachys is widespread; from Southern Nigeria to Cameroon and Congo-Brazzaville; it is found only sporadically, as either an epiphyte, or a lithophyte . It has not been observed as the latter recently .


Bulbophyllum rubrolabellum - Bulbophyllum rubrolabellum is a species of plant in the Orchidaceae family that is endemic to Taiwan.


Bulbophyllum tokioi - B. tokioi has creeping rhizomes , lacking pseudobulbs. Its fleshy, sessile, glabrous leaves are minute , elliptic or elliptic-orbicular, acute or obtuse, some having tiny, membranaceous sheaths at base. It has axillary scapes that are slender and erect, with a few sheaths close by its base. Bracts are elliptic and acute.