Genus Trochetiopsis

The flowering plant genus Trochetiopsis consists of two extant and one extinct species endemic to the island of Saint Helena .

Species in the genus Trochetiopsis of plants

St helena ebony - It is quite easy to propagate from cuttings and many island gardens now boast a fine ebony bush. It is related to the Saint Helena redwood and a hybrid between them is also now often planted.

Redwood - Saint Helena redwood is completely unrelated to the redwood tree of California and other trees called redwood.


Trochetiopsis melanoxylon - It was last seen when it was collected by Banks and Solander in 1771 on Cook's first voyage. It may once have covered many of the driest slopes of Saint Helena, but appears to have been one of the first casualties of the introduction of the goat by the Portuguese sailors soon after the discovery of Saint Helena in 1502.