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Cola mossambicensis

The Moçambique cola is a large evergreen forest tree endemic to central Moçambique and Malawi. As with other Cola species the flowers are carried in clusters on old wood and the seed is released when the mature fruits split longitudinally.

Range for Cola mossambicensis: Occurring mainly in central Mozambique. Subpopulations may also exist in southern Malawi. IUCN Status for Cola mossambicensis: VU B1+2c ver 2.3 (1994) Year of Assessment for Cola mossambicensis: 1998 Evaluation for Cola mossambicensis: Bandeira, S. Citations for Cola mossambicensis: Bandeira, S. 1995. Data collection forms for tree species of Mozambique. East African Discussion Group. 1996. Comments on East African threatened trees. Exell, A.W., Wild, H. More