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Magnolia sargentiana

This large magnolia is fairly uncommon in cultivation despite the fact that its very ornamental with very large flowers, good form, and nice foliage. This species is threatened by habitat destruction with much of its range already logged, and it is not know if this species can persist in the fragments where it is now found.

Sargent's magnolia, Magnolia sargentiana, is a tall deciduous tree that grows in provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan in China, where its forest habitat is reported to be severely fragmented. Leaf obovate, 10-19 cm long by 10 cm wide, somewhat leathery, dark green and glossy above, light green below. The flowers are among the largest in the genus, 15-33 cm in diameter in early spring withtepals pink to pale purplish-red. More

Magnolia sargentiana var robusta is growing in the rhododendron garden. It is visible across the Order Beds from the west door of the Glasshouses. More