This is an erect tree growing up to about ten meters in maximum height, but known to reach 20 meters at times. It has a thick canopy of aromatic, shiny green leaves. The evergreen leaf blades are lance-shaped, measuring up to 11 centimeters long by 3 wide. The flowers have ten yellow-green petals. They are each just under a centimeter long and are solitary or borne in small clusters of up to 3. The fruit is a berry, leathery purple or black in color when ripe, measuring up to 4 centimeters wide.

Muranga (also spelled as Murang'a) is one of the districts of Kenya's Central Province. Its capital town is also now named Muranga but was called Fort Hall in colonial times (before 1963). It is inhabited mainly by and is considered the home of the Kikuyu, the largest tribe in Kenya. The district has a population of 348,304 (1999 census). More

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