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Chilean laurel

Its wood is pale-yellowish, with growth rings little notorious and homogeneous and fine texture. It is threatened by habitat loss. It has been introduced into Spain in the UK.

The Chilean laurel is a large, evergreen tree with smooth, pale bark that cracks with age, coming off in roughly circular plates (5) (6). Both the wood and the leaves are strongly aromatic (4) (5) (6). The bright green leaves of the Chilean laurel are arranged in opposite pairs, and are oblong in shape, narrowed at the base. The leaves are leathery in texture, shiny, and around 5 to 10 centimetres long and 2.5 to 5 centimetres wide (4) (5) (6). More

Chilean Laurel Burl Veneer has a very tight clusterwith very good figure. A light yellow to blond color and very good pattern. Laurel Burl Laurel Burl Veneer Click for Larger Image 4' X 8' Sheets 10 Mil Paperbacked and 22. More

Chilean laurel burl, laid out in a beautifully book-matched symmetry. Here the frame is also veneered, creating a look of continuous flow. More